Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Importance of a Mattress Protector

For more than 30 years. GBS Enterprises has offered pillow and mattress protection plans through furniture and mattress stores, as well as for use in the health care and hospitality industries. GBS Enterprises’ plans offer added protection for consumers, giving them peace of mind that their product will be repaired or replaced if damaged over the course of 5-10 years. 

To extend the life of a mattress and to protect from numerous allergens, mattress protectors are essential accessories. Over time, mattresses absorb sweat, dead skin, oil, and moisture. According to research by Ohio State University, a typical used mattress may contain between 100,000 and 10 million mites. A mattress protector is a simple, affordable way to create a layer of protection between body and mattress, in addition to keeping the mattress in “like new” condition for longer. Moreover, a mattress protector will preserve the mattress’ warranty by protecting from stains, which typically void a warranty.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rebuilding Together Works for Safe and Healthy Homes

Dedicated to providing healthy sleep products and mattress and furniture protection services, GBS Enterprises functions as a leading consumer goods company. Founded in 1988, GBS Enterprises specializes in the production and distribution of bedding and pillow protection merchandise, including anti-allergy bedding materials and mattress and furniture protectors. The company also maintains a commitment to giving back to the society through its involvement in various charities like Rebuilding Together.

Rebuilding Together has provided safe and healthy housing for over 40 years as a nonprofit organization. Starting as an effort to rehabilitate homes of the destitute in the neighborhood by a group of volunteers in Midland, Texas, the venture has now grown into a nationally recognized institution. The principal mission of the organization is to improve the homes and uplift the lives of low-income homeowners by convening alliances of communities and volunteers.

A five-time achiever of Charity Navigator’s four-star rating, Rebuilding Together is led by board chair Sherry Chris. Its outreach extends to over 2.6 million lives dwelling in unsafe homes. In the year 2016 alone, the organization repaired more than 9000 homes, 275 nonprofit and educational facilities, along with 84 community spaces. It works with its broad network of corporations, skilled-trade individuals, and various donors to achieve its mission. In addition, almost 100,000 volunteers join Rebuilding Together every year to further its cause.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Simple Ways to Give Your Couch a Facelift

GBS Enterprises offers high-quality healthy sleep products and furniture warranty services. From its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida, GBS Enterprises works to provide protection for all types of furniture, such as area rugs, outdoor furniture, and living room staples like couches. 

The couch is one of the main features of a living room. If your old couch is starting to show its age, and buying a new one isn’t in your budget, try some of the following methods for giving a dated couch a facelift:

- Add new throw pillows. Changing the throw pillows on your couch is one of the easiest ways to improve its appearance. While throw pillows come in many creative varieties, decorating experts recommend keeping the number of pillows on your couch to around three to avoid a cluttered, overloaded look.

- Stuff saggy cushions. A simple trick to make your couch look new is using foam wraps or cotton batting to wrap the original stuffing inside of cushions that have deflated. This puffs up the cushions and makes them more comfortable to sit on. As you wrap, spray adhesive onto each layer to prevent it from shifting around and making the cushion lumpy.

- Change the legs. Although it may seem like an unimportant part of a couch, the legs play a big role in the overall appearance of your sofa. If you have outdated couch legs, try swapping them out with more modern ones to update the look. Couch legs typically screw off and on easily, and numerous retailers sell replacement sofa legs for less than $50 per set. You can also paint your couch’s old legs to tie them in with the color palette of your living room.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cleaning Wood Furniture - The Essentials

Recognized as a leader in healthy sleep products, GBS Enterprises offers a comprehensive selection of bed products such as pillows, sheet sets, and mattress protectors. GBS Enterprises also provides the Eco Premium Plan, a furniture warranty program covering wood, leather, and fabric furniture items. 

When it comes to maintaining wood furniture, frequent dusting is a great place to start. When dust accumulates on wood furniture, it can build up into a filmy layer and scratch the surface of the wood. Classic feather dusters are an excellent way to remove the dust, as are nonscratching cloths. Avoid silicon-based sprays, which can cause damage to fine wood furniture. 

When cleaning wood furniture, avoid using all-purpose cleaners unless your furniture has a plastic coating on it. Instead, use products with silicone oil, which protects wood and does not cause the surface to smear or show fingerprints. For long-lasting protection, consider using paste wax or liquid wax made specifically for furniture. If you are unfamiliar with wax treatments, consult an online guide to help you avoid streaks and clouding.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Five Health Benefits of a Full Night’s Sleep

An industry leader in sleep technology based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, GBS Enterprises maintains a sharp focus on exceeding customer expectations through a broad selection of healthy sleep products. GBS Enterprises manufactures a full line of products designed to influence a better sleep and the stress placed on pressure points from inadequate head, spine, and neck support. A full night’s rest contributes to a number of health benefits, as explored in the following list:

1. Improves memory. A number of studies have determined that the brain remains active during sleep cycles and consolidates memories from the day, making them easier to remember. Inadequate sleep also makes it difficult for the brain to process and retain new information while awake. 

2. Stress Reduction. Stress can negatively affect one’s physical and mental health in several ways, from raising blood pressure to contributing to depression and anxiety. Getting a full night of interrupted sleep on a regular basis can help reduce stress, which in turn may improve cardiovascular and mental health. 

3. Reduces Inflammation. Research suggests that individuals who don’t get adequate sleep possess more inflammatory proteins in their blood than those who do. Medical professionals have linked inflammation to conditions including arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. 

4. Strengthens immune system. Sleep studies indicate that people who get less than eight hours of sleep a night on average tend to become sick more often than those who get at least eight hours of rest. Proper sleep helps the body maintain the immune system, which protects it from colds, flus, and other infections.

5. Contributes to weight control. Sleep can impact weight control on a behavioral and physiological level. Inadequate sleep can make a person too tired to engage in exercise or take the time needed to prepare a healthy meal at the end of the day. A lack of sleep also results in a decreased levels of leptin, a hormone that creates the full feeling after eating; this can result in overeating and cravings for high fat and high calorie foods.